Designed for Momentum Program

6 Lessons to form a stronger business foundation, clearer messaging, and more aligned offer structure.

Go at your own pace, but now join live classes to work through areas where you feel stuck, ask questions, and explore in real time!

"Katie's industry experience is invaluable. She doesn't just give you information, she connects the dots so you know how to apply things to your unique situation. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Katie is lucky. Nothing about Katie is marketing hype like so many gurus out there. She's the real deal. Her framework gets results."

Twila Smith
Usability Specialist
Horizon Digital Services

"I really, really like the way the course was set up, with each subsequent module building on the previous module. I especially liked the way this course was designed to have the customer experience front and center. When finished with this course, I feel like I am in a better place to effectively communicate with my ideal client and give them the offerings that are important to them."

Dr Becky, Retired Functional Medicine Practitioner


Lesson 1: Identify Your Audience

  • Time Management
  • Identify Your Audience
  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Position Your Marketing Message

Lesson 2: Define Your Offering(s)

  • Get Clear on What You're Selling
  • Stages of Growth
  • Craft a Client Process
  • Test Your Market

Lesson 3: Build Your Brand

  • Understanding Your Brand's Voice and Outreach Style
  • Develop Your Brand Story
  • Creating Your Brand Board
  • Brand Placement

Lesson 4: Creating Your Sales Experience

  • Creating Your Sales Experience
  • A La Carte Approach
  • Hybrid Sales Model
  • Transformational Packages
  • BONUS: Sales Calls + Program Guides

Lesson 5: Firm Up Your Business Systems

  • Define Your Client Workflow
  • Learning What to Outsource
  • Choosing Business Support Systems
  • Tracking Data

Lesson 6: Growth and Visibility

  • Mastering Visibility
  • Build a Referral Network
  • Planning Your Content
  • Testimonials Stories and More

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